Digging deep in Trafford Park

Our work in Trafford Park started during summer 2013 to build huge underground storage tanks, screening units and modernise two of Manchester's arterial Victorian sewers which run through the site on the way to Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works.  The tanks will  hold excess storm water to help reduce the frequency of diluted sewage entering the Manchester Ship Canal. 

The water is screened to remove any rags and debris before travelling along new sewer pipes when the storm subsides, it's then treated before it can be safely returned to the watercourse.

There's lots of work taking place and it's clear these large projects require some heavy construction machinery.  Take a look at our time lapse video which captured our work digging deep to create one of the larger storage tanks.

A huge tunnel-boring machine affectionately known as Gloria weighing 140 tonnes and standing around four metres tall has been busy tunnelling to insert new sewer pipes and connect the whole system together. Once completed, the new system will be able to store 17,800 cubic metres of water during storm conditions - enough to fill more than seven Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We're also working in Salford to carry out a similar project.  Our work will help to improve the water quality in the Manchester Ship Canal, which is great news for all of us, including the fish!

These large construction projects will inevitably cause some disruption, but we're working hard to ensure this is kept to a minimum.  Thanks for bearing with us and if you have a query about our work you can call us on 0345 672 3723 quoting project number NCA80023150.  We'll be happy to help.

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