About our bathing waters map

In 2014 we launched an interactive map that allows you to browse the bathing waters in the North West, providing information on water quality and links to more information on each beach between May and September, the official bathing water season.

This year we have expanded the map to include 22 bathing waters, giving more information on the potential risks to water quality from our combined sewer overflows. The overflows are a key part of our sewerage system as they prevent the system backing up and flooding during times of very heavy rain. These overflows, which are permitted by the Environment Agency, act as a relief valve on the system.

The map works in near real time by monitoring local overflows and then giving the bathing water one of two classifications:

  1. 'Water quality is not at risk from overflows' - This means that we have no sewer overflows happening in that bathing water area.
  2. 'Water quality may be at risk from overflows' - This means that one or more of our sewers is overflowing or has recently overflowed in the area and the bathing water quality may be at risk.

In the event that the monitoring system fails then 'overflow monitoring system under maintenance' will be displayed until the fault is repaired.

Here are the beaches that are covered by the expanded system:

  • Ainsdale
  • Allonby
  • Allonby South
  • Bispham
  • Blackpool Central
  • Blackpool North
  • Blackpool South
  • Cleveleys
  • Fleetwood
  • Haverigg
  • Meols
  • Morecambe North
  • Morecambe South
  • Moreton
  • Southport
  • St Bees
  • St Anne’s
  • St Anne’s North
  • Walney Biggar Bank
  • Walney Sandy Gap
  • Walney West Shore
  • West Kirby

Please be aware that we can only provide information about our overflows. Agriculture, dog fouling, surface water run off and private sewage discharges are amongst a range of other factors that can impact on water quality and we are unable to measure any risks from these sources. Additionally West Kirby bathing water is on the edge of United Utilities’ operational area and thus there may be Welsh Water overflows that affect this bathing water

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