Blackpool South

We're carrying out several projects in the Blackpool South area which will:

  • increase the capacity of the sewer network
  • reduce the volume of surface water entering the sewer network
  • update the existing wastewater pumping station at Lennox Gate
  • help us to protect properties from potential flooding during heavy rain and improve the bathing water quality of the Fylde coast.

We're building an underground storage tank in Fishers Field on Highfield Road. This tank will be used during periods of heavy rainfall to hold excess storm water, once the rain subsides, the water will be released back into the sewer system as normal.

We're also laying new sections of pipe from our Lennox Gate pumping station scross the road at Lennox Gate through Lennox Gate car park, to connect the tank into the existing sewer. We will ensure that all residents have parking available and pedestrian access to their properties.

Reducing the volume of surface water entering the sewer network

We're also carrying out surveys, predominantly in the Marton Moss area to identify the location of surface water (rainwater) connections to the sewer network.  We can then look at identifying alternative surface water discharge points. By taking out the non-harmful rain water, which doesn't need to be treated,  this reduces the volume within the sewers and helps to prevent potential flooding to properties.

Updating Lennox Gate Wastewater Pumping Station

Lennox Gate pumping station is over 80 years old and is in need of some updating to bring it up to modern standards. We're planning to start work in late 2016 to refurbish the site.

Improving bathing water quality across the Fylde coast

We've been working to replace the existing stormwater outfall pipe at Harrowside, which you can sometimes see during low tide stretching out from the promenade by the Solaris Centre.  The new pipe has been installed and now extends around 1km out to sea, this will allow the stormwater to disperse further out to sea during extreme weather and help to reduce pollutants reaching the beaches.

We're playing our part to help improve bathing waters across the Fylde coast and you can help too. Find out more at LOVEmyBEACH


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