Emergency water supply

Water is vital to the running of every organisation for business processes, drinking water and welfare facilities for people on site.

How would it affect your business if your water supply was interrupted?

If your water supply was interrupted for an extended period would your site have to close? This would have financial impacts due to loss of production and you could incur penalties for missed deadlines on contractual commitments. It can also cause logistical issues for organisations with large numbers of people on-site such as universities, hospitals, retail and hospitality.

Emergency water supply

By helping you to plan for emergencies with a water contingency plan and any required upgrades to your water infrastructure, we will ensure a swift, co-ordinated response to any water emergency and help your business to recover faster. We supply quality assured bottled water, water tankers or bowsers to ensure that you have a temporary supply to keep your business going.

A service you can rely on

We offer a nationwide, 24 hour service for emergency and planned deliveries of quality assured water which will be delivered within timescales agreed with you to meet your business needs. 

Being well prepared with a water contingency plan in place means your business can run as normal and production can continue if there is an interruption to your water supply, therefore reducing down time and minimising cost to your business.

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