Frequency of readings

When will you read the water meter?

Usually, one of our meters will take a reading every six months. If you have an AMR meter is inside your house we’ll normally be able to take a meter reading remotely - leaving you in peace.

But there may still be occasions in the future when we need to inspect it.

If your water meter is outside we shouldn’t need to disturb you at all.

If we have, for any reason, been unable to read the water meter, we will leave a card explaining what to do next. You can call us with your reading on 0345 672 2999 or text phone 0808 143 1195. It’s also really easy to enter your reading online, using our form.

An actual reading, either taken by us or by you will make sure you receive an accurate bill.

It is a requirement from our regulator Ofwat that we bill you for services based on your own meter read or a read taken by us at least once a year.

It is also a regulatory requirement that we take a reading at least once every two years.

We must be allowed access to your water meter at all times for any maintenance and exchange. It is an offence to block or prevent access to the water meter.

When will I get my first bill based on my use?

You’ll receive a bill every six months. This is for water and wastewater services you have already used. The date you receive your bill depends on when we read the water meter.

Your first metered bill could arrive at any time up to six months after the water meter has been fitted. If we have been unable to get either our own reading or a reading from you, we will send you an estimated bill.

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