Greater Manchester

Keeping your taps flowing and toilets flushing in Greater Manchester

Ariel photo of Davyhulme waste water treatment works

Here are some of the projects being carried out in your area:

  • At our Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works we’re at the forefront of generating renewable energy. We've spent £100 million on a programme that uses sludge that gets left behind after our treatment process, to help power our site. Work started in 2010 and took us 3 years to complete. Making the most of what you flush away means we’re also looking after your pennies.We're also investing £200 million modernising the wastewater treatment works to make sure it can keep up with growing demands. Our work starts this summer and takes us though to autumn 2017. 
  • We're over half way through our work in Tyldesley, investing £20 million to upgrade our sewer network. This will ensure we meet the demands of the 21st century helping to stop flooding to properties in the area.
  • We're working hard in Greater Manchester to improve the quality of the rivers and watercourses. Our work includes investing £124 million to improve the Manchester Ship Canal, £12.4 million on improving the River Irwell, £15.8 million spent on the River Irk and we're spending £6.1 million on River Croal improvements. That's good news for all of us including the fish!
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