Metered customers

If you have a water meter, your bills are based on how much water you've used and how much wastewater we've taken away to clean. It also includes standing charges.

So, here's how your charges are worked out

First of all, you should know that your water meter records all the water that you use in something called 'cubic metres'. A cubic metre is 1,000 litres of water and we calculate your bill based on the amount of cubic metres you have used since your last bill.

Image showing 1 cubicmeter of water provides enough for 13 baths, 14 washing machine loads, 28 showers, 33 dishwasher loads or 111 toilet flushes

In simple terms you pay us for the following services:

Supplying clean water to your home 

This charge is for the amount of water you've used and is based on your meter reading as explained above.

Taking away all your wastewater (which we call sewerage services)

This charge is for collecting and cleaning your wastewater, and is also based on the amount of water you've used in cubic metres. This is because the majority of the water we supply to your home goes back into the sewer for us to take away, treat and return safely to rivers and the sea. If you can show that more than 5 per cent of the water that we supply to your home does not return to the public sewer then you can claim a reduction on your sewerage charges. Our claim form explains this in greater detail.

Taking away rainwater

This is a fixed annual charge for the collection and treatment of all the rainwater that falls on your home and the public highway. This is shown on your bill as 'surface water/highway drainage'. If your home is not connected to a public sewer to drain away your rainwater (for example, all your surface water drains to a soakaway instead) then you may be able to reduce your bill. For further details visit our 'surface water and highway drainage' section.

Standing charges

You also pay us a standing charge for essential services such as reading and maintaining your meter, sending bills and dealing with enquiries.

Use less, save more

As you have a water meter, you can lower your bill by using water wisely in the home and garden. See Let's get watertight for lots of offers, hints and tips to avoid waste.

Having problems paying your bill?

If you're having problems paying your bill, we're here to listen and will try to work out a way to help. Please visit our 'difficulty paying your water bill' section for full details.

Our services to you

For further information about the services we provide together with an explanation of what you pay for, take a look at 'Our services to you' leaflet - this leaflet is sent to you once a year with your bill.

Contact us

If you've got any questions about your bill, you can fill in our Request a call back form and we'll get back to you within one working day. Or, you can call 0345 672 2999. Dial 18001 first if you have hearing or speech difficulties and use a textphone.

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