Oldham and Royton Wastewater Improvement Project


We've been treating what gets flushed and washed away from over 150,000 customers since the early 1900’s at our Oldham and Royton WwTW sites. As the Oldham and Royton community continues to grow, we need to upgrade our treatment works to ensure we can meet your needs as customers and create more efficient processes, now and in the future.


What are we going to be doing?

Things are going to be quite busy!

Here's a summary of what we're doing:

Oldham WwTW:

  • Installing treatment processes to remove ammonia which is harmful to the environment
  • Increasing the size and lifespan of treatment equipment
  • Demolishing equipment we don't use anymore
  • Landscaping

Completion date- Winter 2018

Royton WwTW

  • Taking the primary treatment process out of service
  • Providing extra storm storage to contain more sewage during heavy rain
  • Demolishing equipment we don't use anymore

Completion date-  Spring 2018


We're also laying a brand new 4.5km pipeline to transfer flows from Royton WwTW to Oldham WwTW 

What's happening?

Oldham aerial view- area of our first tunnel drive, from Noddys field (top of photo) into North Chadderton School

This image shows an aerial view of our first tunnel drive, from Noddy's field (top left of the photo) into North Chadderton School.


Work on the first section of trenchless work under Cathedral Road is now complete. section of the pipe went well on Foxdenton Lane and  The next section of work to be tunnelled will be from St Matthews School under Burnley Lane and into the park at Mill Brow which will start on 22nd August for approximately 8 days.

Trenchless means we don't need to dig up this section of the road - so less disruption to you and the local community.

You may have noticed from our map that there are two sections of trenchless work. We are looking into setting up a third working area on Burnley Lane, this means we won't need to put temporary traffic lights in place, therefore reducing traffic disruption- great news!

Public exhibitions

It was great to meet so many customers who were interested in our improvement works at our two public exhibitions in June this year. We held exhibitions at St Matthews C of E Primary School and Kingfisher Community School where our staff were on hand to answer all your questions.  

Oldham and Royton- Public exhibition June 2016     Oldham and Royton- Public exhibition June 2016

We'll be carrying out work within North Chadderton School, St Matthews C of E Primary School and The Radclyffe School, as well as traffic sensitive roads. The works will take place during the summer holidays to reduce disruption to you and your local community.

Still have a question?

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