Unmetered customers

If you don't have a water meter, your bill will usually be worked out based on the rateable value of the property. It also includes standing charges.

Drink water

So, here's how your charges are worked out:

Water supplied

This charge is for water we supply to your home. To work this out, we times our unit cost by each £1 of your home's rateable value.

Wastewater collected and taken away

This charge is for collecting and cleaning your wastewater (including surface water and highway drainage). To work this out, we times our unit cost by each £1 of your home's rateable value.

Standing charges

Finally, you also pay us a standing charge. This fixed cost makes sure costs for delivering water, sending bills and dealing with enquiries are shared fairly between customers.


Could you pay less with a water meter?

If you live alone, have a small family, or live in a property with a high rateable value, you may be able to reduce your water bill by switching to a water meter. Find out more information to help you decide if you could save money with a meter.

Having problems paying your bill?

If you're having problems paying your bill, we're here to listen and will try to work out a way to help. Find out how we could help.

Our services to you

For further information about the services we provide together with an explanation of what you pay for, take a look at Our Services to You leaflet - this information leaflet is sent to you once a year with your bill.

Contact us

If you've got any questions about your bill, you can fill in our Request a call back form and we'll get back to you within one working day. Or, you can call 0345 672 2888. Dial 18001 first if you have hearing or speech difficulties and use a textphone.

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