Watermen: Episode 2

leak detectionWe’re always working hard to find and fix leaks and have fixed over 60,000 in the last year, but unfortunately we sometimes don’t get it right. Find out more and what to do if you spot a leak.



Mersey pipeline
mersey pipelineWow, 10 days from Norway to Liverpool! See more about this amazing project that’s helping breathe new life into the Mersey (including encouraging grey seals, awww)


Fat blocking sewers
Think before you pour!Yuk! Getting the fat out of sewers has to be one of the worst jobs ever! Stomach churning and a nasty smell for customers – how to avoid a pain in the drain for businesses.
How to keep your home drains in tip top condition.


Water quality 
Water qualityWe’re lucky to have fantastic quality drinking water on tap and people like Stuart making sure it stays that way.
Find out more about the water that comes to your tap and what to do if you’ve got any concerns.


Water on wheels

Water on wheelsWhen we’re fixing water pipes we’ll try to get these awesome tankers out to the rescue and keep the water flowing for customers. See behind the scenes.

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