Watermen: Episode 5

DiverDiving deep

See the depths we went to, to repair critical valves inside the Haweswater Dam and fixing valves inside a sludge tank.


Eastlands hoardingsConstruction project in North Manchester

Tessa and the team have been really busy on this huge construction project in Manchester. So, here’s what it’s all about

BricksBuilding over a sewer
Building over a public sewer can create all sorts of problems for you, so make sure you’re in the know about what’s allowed and what’s not. Take a look at our handy guide.


leaky loo imageCatch out those sneaky leaks before you pour money down the drain
Hunt them down before they cost you money. Here’s an easy guide on what to do. And if you really want to be top of the class, check out how you can be water tight and save even more cash. Is your loo cheating on you? Find out with a free leaky loo device Find out more.

Wow Awards logoWOW! What a great job!
It's no surprise that our Lee has received several awards in recognition of his fab customer service (he was nominated by a whole street once!).

The WOW Awards is the UK’s only national customer service awards based purely on customer nominations. So if you’ve received great service, we’d love you to say ‘job well done’ to our people. It just takes a couple of minutes to nominate them here.

DucksBringing water to life
We’ve brought the water cycle to life for primary school children and offer talks at schools led by our experienced education professionals.



Road closed signConcrete blocking sewer
Saying that removing 30 tonnes of solid concrete from a sewer wasn’t an easy job is an understatement! Here’s what happened.


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