Watermen: Episode 6

What not to pour Fatberg

Yuk! What a pain in the drain! How to avoid your very own fatberg problem.

If you run a business, you’ll definitely want to think before you pour. title="Think before you pour">Check out the risks to your business.

scott thompsonFat power

So what do you do with 108 tonnes of unwanted fat? Find out how Scott tackled it and helped the environment!

watermen - helicopterFlying high

A helicopter delivery and a torpedo on a mission – all part of an innovative water quality project at Heaton Park Reservoir. Find out more

Andrew Bent Jobs

If you like what you’ve seen on Watermen and would like to work for us, check out the opportunities available

Watermen pig videoAqueduct cleaning – with a ‘pig’!

No animals were harmed during filming! This is the pig we’re talking about.



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