Watermen: Episode 1

Reservoir safety

reservoir safety Please, please be careful around reservoirs or any open water.

The still water can look tempting, but water in reservoirs is deep and stays very cold even in the summer and can claim a life in minutes, devastating families and friends. Find out why...


Blocked drains

Adrian and WezMuch as it might be nice to have a visit from Adrian and Wes or Andy and Terry – we’re sure you’d all prefer to not have them visit. It’s simple: it’s all about thinking, before you flush. Find out more about the 3 Ps (the ONLY things you should flush down your loo!) here.

If the worst has happened to you – find out more about what to do next here 

Hydrant abuse

Hydrant Abuse It looks like fun - but it’s not big and it’s not clever. Find out how we deal with the risk to your water supply, and potentially to lives, when hydrants are abused.



Commercial disconnections

Caroline & Ian You may have been concerned with the episode featuring a disconnection. A visit from Caroline and Ian will always be the last resort, so getting things sorted sooner is always better: we can help you if you’re struggling to pay the water bill for your business. Find out more how to stay connected here.

Sewer collapse

Collapsed SewerYou know the scenario – you’re trying to get to work, and some pain in the posterior company (us!) is digging up the road. We’ll always try to work as quickly as we can to get you moving again. Read more about who owns what bits of the underground world here.





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