What our partners say

The new standards for bathing waters have created a real challenge for not only us, but also our partner agencies.

One project which is bringing partners together is the Love My Beach project in the North West, which aims to improve environmental quality and help reduce anti-social behaviour on beaches. We're working with Keep Britain Tidy and the Environment Agency to encourage local communities to play their part with projects, including beach clean-ups.

Steve Moore, Environment Agency Director of Operations (North and East)

"Bathing waters need to be clean enough for people to swim in and their quality in the UK has improved significantly over the past two decades but there is still more that needs to be done. The Environment Agency monitors water quality, spending £3million a year sampling and analysing bathing water to identify sources of bacterial pollution."

"These results direct our work with partners in local government, water companies and businesses to maintain and improve water quality at bathing waters in England and Wales."

"The North West is home to some of the most popular beaches in England and these play a vital role in supporting the local economy through tourism. From 2015 new legislation sets even higher standards of bathing water quality and it's important that we're all working together to meet these standards by implementing effective solutions to complex water quality problems."



Annie Heslop, Fylde BeachCare Officer at Keep Britain Tidy


 “Everyone loves visiting their favourite beach and we all value clean beaches and seas so that’s why together we have started the Love My Beach campaign. We want to shout about how great our coast is and how everyone can help to improve our seas.

“We’re pleased that NorthWest agencies, charities, companies and local authorities are working together to tackle bathing water quality. There has been lots of work done to improve our seas and they have improved greatly but there’s always more that can be done. It’s not just the big players that impact bathing waters but the impacts from everyone’s daily actions can add up too.

“The BeachCare partnership is working with the local community, schools, businesses and visitors to show that we can all help care for our beach. From things you can do whilst on the beach to those little actions at home such as thinking about what you flush down the toilet or pour down the sink.

“We help people to show that they love their beach through beach cleans and we support BeachCare Groups across the Fylde. We encourage businesses to undertake their daily activities in a beach friendly way and visit schools to spread the message that we can all make a difference. “






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