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Flooding – what to do

We’ve included some helpful advice if you’ve been flooded and who to turn to for help.

We’re sorry you’ve had to come to this page, we want you to get back to normal as soon as possible. We understand how unpleasant flooding can be and the distress this can cause you and your family.

Types of flooding

Flooding is often the result of torrential rainfall in a localised area, or when a sewer blocks or collapses. Here’s what to do depending on the type of flooding you have suffered.

  • Home or garden flooding

    If the flooding is due to our sewers overflowing and the sewage is entering your home or garden, please call us straight away so we can send a team to investigate the cause and help with the clean-up.

    Call us on 0345 672 3723

  • Flooding from rivers or streams

    If the source of the flooding is from a river or stream (for example, the river has overflowed causing your property to be flooded) please contact the Environment Agency (EA) for support.

    Call the EA on 0345 9881188

  • Rainwater flooding in the road

    If it appears that rainwater is not draining away to a grid in the road and there's a danger that it could flood your property (for example, leaves are blocking the grid) please call your local Council.

    Contact your local council

If you see sewage flooding out of a manhole cover or a grid in the street, this could be due to a problem in our public sewer. Please call us as soon as possible so we can send a team to investigate this.

Please call us on

0345 672 3723 0345 672 3723

Sewage flooding in your home or garden - what we can do

If you've been flooded by sewage inside or outside your home, we understand this is a distressing and anxious time. Please call us on 0345 672 9723 as soon as possible and we'll send a team to help with the clean up:

  • We can remove sewage flood water from your home and garden

  • We will clean and disinfect areas affected by the sewage flood

  • We will help with the clean-up of the public highway if this has been affected by the sewage flooding incident

Please call us on

0345 672 9723 0345 672 9723

The cost of sewage flooding

We know you've got more than enough to sort out at this difficult time, without having to worry about the costs as well.

Domestic customers

0345 672 3723 0345 672 3723

Business customers

0345 072 6072 0345 072 6072

If sewage flooding enters your home we automatically refund your sewerage charge for the year (minimum payment £150 up to a maximum of £1,000 per incident).

In addition to this sum, we will automatically pay you up to £100 for the disturbance the sewage flooding causes. We will determine the amount payable on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please see our standards of service

We investigate the cause of sewage flooding following all reported incidents.

Need to know if there's flooding in your area?

Check the latest flood warnings

Protecting your property

The Met Office will issue warnings if there is a chance of flooding due to torrential rainfall. In these instances it is often wise to take some basic steps to protect your property from flood water.

  • Move all valuables to safety

    Make sure those expensive electrical goods, furniture and treasured family photographs are moved to a higher floor in your home. Sandbags can also be effective in keeping floodwater out of your property for short periods of time.

  • Check your insurance

    Check that your home and contents are insured. If you rent a property, your landlord will be able to help you. If your home has been flooded and items damaged, we recommend that you don’t throw these items away until your insurer has inspected them.

Prepare yourself a flood kit including:

  • Essential Items



  • First aid kit and medication

    Warm, waterproof clothing

    Home insurance documents

  • Nappies for babies

    Bottled water and food

    Torch and batteries

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know - what you need to do

What causes flooding?
There are many causes of flooding. Weather plays a big part – heavy torrential downpours in localised areas can overwhelm the sewer network and cause sewage to flow back onto the street and into homes and gardens. It can also cause rivers to burst their banks and roads to flood. Sewers collapsing or becoming blocked due to a build-up of items that shouldn’t be flushed into the sewer network (such as baby wipes, fats, grease, etc) can also lead to flooding.

Who is responsible for damage caused by flooding from public sewers?
We understand that if you’ve been flooded it can be an anxious time. Where flooding occurs, we’ll be on hand to help, provide advice, determine the cause and what action needs to be taken. Unfortunately, we can’t control what goes into the sewer system or how much rain falls (both of which can lead to blockages and flooding). We have no legal liability for damage caused by flooding from public sewers, except where it can be shown that we’ve been negligent. In addition, we’re not liable for private sewers or drains – or for flooding that arises from them.  Take a look at sewers and drains explained to find out what you are responsible for.

I've spotted flooding on a road or footpath, who do I contact?
If rainwater cannot drain away into a grid in the street (for example, it is blocked with leaves) please call your local council to report this.

However, if you see water flooding into the road and it appears to be coming from a grid in the street and has sewage in it, it is likely there is a problem with the public sewer. We will send someone out to investigate this when you call.

Who should I contact regarding damage to my home and contents caused by flooding from public sewers?
We suggest you contact your own insurers first of all. Household insurance covers fire, flooding or any insurable risk leading to loss or damage to property or contents. Reimbursment is usually provided whether or not anyone is to blame.

Am I entitled to compensation for sewer flooding?
If you suffer from internal or external flooding due to our sewers overflowing, please call us straight away so we can send a team to investigate the cause and help with the clean-up. As part of our standards of service scheme, we pay compensation for sewer flooding incidences. Full details of compensation payments for sewer flooding are shown in our standards of service document.

What should I do if my property is flooded?
If your property is flooded with sewage, please call us straight away on 0345 672 3723. You should also take the following precautions to protect you and your family:


- Give your insurance company or landlord a call straight away
- Wash your hands after being in contact with flood water
- Wash clothing and fabrics through to destroy any harmful bugs
- Dry all affected areas thoroughly. Inside your property, use heating and good ventilation, as this will help with the drying process
- Keep open cuts or sores clean and covered up at all times


- Let children play in flood water or grassed/paved areas until those areas have been thoroughly cleaned
- Try to clean waterlogged garden areas or dig over contaminated soil; leave the sewage residue to decay naturally. As a guide to the number of days you should leave your garden before cleaning up, please see the table below.

Season   Turf/clay (days)  Soil/sand (days) 



Summer 6



































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