Burst pipe?

Find out what to do – right here!

If you’ve got a burst pipe, you need to act fast to minimise damage, so here’s what to do:

  • Collect water from the leak - if it's through the ceiling, collect it in a bucket. If the ceiling bulges, pierce the plaster with a broom handle to let water through.
  • Switch off your central heating.
  • Turn off the stop tap and turn on the taps to drain your water system.
  • Don't touch any wiring or switches that you think may have been affected. If in doubt, turn off your electricity at the mains.
  • Call a plumber.
  • After the leak has been fixed, air the affected areas by keeping doors and windows open; do not overheat affected rooms as this could cause more damage.
  • Leave windows, doors and built-in cupboards open during the day, if possible.

How to find your stop cock

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