Environmental services

You could benefit from what we can offer

As an agricultural business customer of United Utilities, you may well be able to benefit from our environmentally-based waste management capabilities, which are part of our water and wastewater services. Our aim is to utilise the best principles of waste management by firstly reducing, re-using and recycling our waste before we finally dispose of it.

As an ethical and beneficial form of waste disposal, we provide a FREE service to agriculture by applying our treated biosolids to agricultural land. These have excellent soil nutrition and conditioning properties – and as environmental legislation and financial constraints continue to increase for farmers, this free source of nutrients (supported by professional and auditable application documentation) provides a valuable resource with widespread environmental benefits.

We’re developing new environmental solutions all the time, and some of the schemes currently under development include co-composting and biosolids for biofuel initiatives (4BIO4). If you have any ideas about such developments, please get in touch with us – we'd be delighted to hear from you. For further information, contact us for further details.

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