Business and non-household unmetered charges 2016/2017

Water charges


Standing charge

Charge per £RV/CV



Sewerage charges

  Foul drainage charges
per £CV 
Surface water drainage charge
Per £CV 
Highway drainage charge
Per £CV 
Total charge
Per £CV  
All services





No surface water drainage service





Surface water drainage and highway drainage services only





Other water companies' charges

Charges will be different if you live near to the borders of our area and receive water supply or sewerage services from another company.

Assessed charges for non-household premises

The assessed charge for non-household premises will comprises of a fixed annual amount as follows:

Type of premises Water Sewerage* Total

Non-household premises where we determine the meter size would be 15mm




Non-household premises where we determine the meter size would be >15mm but <22mm




*Note: the sewerage charge quoted does not include surface water drainage and highway drainage charges. These will be charged separately depending on the circumstances as set out in tables in the section covering Business and non-household metered charges 2016/2017

Discount for direct debit payers – If you pay by direct debit an annual discount of £5.00 will be made to your account.

Statement of significant changes

See our statement of significant changes 2016/2017

Assurance statement

Our assurance statement - charges submission 2016/2017 can be viewed here.

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