How is my chargeable area measured?

Technical details you need to know

When calculating your chargeable area, we measure the total site area of your premises (whether or not the surface area is permeable) and then exclude any permanently grassed, cultivated or landscaped areas. Examples of excluded areas are playing fields, farmland, racecourses, sports grounds, golf courses, parklands or areas of land on which no building is allowed by law.

Example of how we calculate your site area measurement

Total site area of the premises: 1351m2

Exclude any permanently grassed, cultivated or landscaped areas: 470m2

Chargeable area: 881m2

This equates to Band 4

Your chargeable area determines how much you pay for your surface water drainage and highway drainage services. Our charges for these services are structured into 15 charging bands (with charging band 1 being the smallest size and the lowest charge).

We use our own digital mapping systems and those of Ordnance Survey to calculate your chargeable area, and the charging band that has been allocated to your premises will be shown on your latest wastewater bill.

If you believe that you are being charged on the wrong band, you can contact us on 0345 072 6072.

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