Concessionary for community groups

Following the publication of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, a concessionary scheme was introduced for community groups that experienced significant increases in their bills due to the introduction of site area charging.
Your premises will be eligible for our concessionary scheme if they are run as:

Customers accepted onto our concessionary scheme have their surface water and highway drainage charges capped at band 1, our lowest site area charge. Please refer to our charges section to see our band 1 charges for this year.

If you have previously completed an application form and have successfully met our criteria, you don't need to do anything. You charges will continue to be based on band 1.

However, if you have not applied in previous years but would like to do so this year, please download an application form (shown below, or by clicking on the links above) and send it back to us at the address shown on the form. If you successfully meet our eligibility criteria, your charges will be amended for the charging year in which the successful application is received (charges cannot be backdated).

Please note: places of worship and scout and guide halls are automatically transferred onto our concessionary scheme and do not have to complete an application form. However, if you believe you are not already on the scheme and being charged above band 1, please phone 0800 074 0171 or email our site area team.