Managing odours from Davyhulme

Davyhulme imageWastewater treatment can create odours from time to time but we recognise that we have neighbours close by so we always do our best to manage these odours.

Along with the £200 million investment we're making as part of the modernisation project, we've invested £150,000 in installing a new and cutting edge system called Odowatch.

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Odowatch- how does it work?

The Odowatch system "sniffs" different parts of the treatment process and gives early warning alerts if odours start to develop. Our staff can then take action before the smells become less noticeable off site. Pretty clever, right?

It also uses live weather data to give us an idea of how factors like temperature and wind speed can affect odours and the locations that may be affected.

Why can I smell odours?

The increase in odours can be due to a few things:

  • Businesses and traders releasing too much chemical waste into the water stream
  • Increases in wastewater flow
  • Process failures on site

What are we doing about it?

  • Our modernisation project will provide better, streamlined processes to help the plant cope with any increases in wastewater flow
  • Improvement works to our existing process stream 2, to produce a system that's automatically controlled. We're also reducing the flow into process stream 2, to take the burden off the oldest remaining process stream

What's next?

  • An online contact form allowing you to report any odours
  • 24 hour live monitoring of odours on site to understand the source of odours and impact on you. Live monitoring will allow us to respond and take action quickly, whilst getting a better understanding of where we need to make future investments to reduce the impact of odours in the future.

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