Gas to Grid

Turning ‘black gold’ green

After wastewater has been cleaned and returned to the environment we are left with a black sludgy material… sludge.

For decades sludge was seen as a waste product, something generated round the clock that we had to get rid of. 

The sludge digestion centre at Davyhulme opened in 2014. We have a clever process to convert sludge into a high grade fertiliser for farmers and a valuable "digestion gas" called biogas.

So we started to see sludge in a whole new light – it’s not a waste stream, it’s black gold.

Our Davyhulme sludge digestion centre has even won awards. In 2013, it was awarded with the Institute of Chemical Engineering's Energy Award and branded "the most innovative green energy scheme in the world".

Up until now, the biogas has been used on site to run combined heat and power engines, which burns the gas to produce renewable electricity. By cleaning the biogas and laying the new gas main, we have the ability to now balance between the need to generate electricity and inject biogas into the national grid for our customers to use in their homes in the future. This new biogas to grid process will lower the carbon footprint from decreasing the engine usage, but it also provide more efficient use of the gas and better value for money for our customers in the Manchester area.

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