How to find and read your meter

How to find your water meter

Your water meter will look like this:

Image of a water meter

It is likely to be found in the path at the end of your garden, in a box on an outside wall or inside your home under the sink. They can sometimes be found in the basement or in the downstairs toilet. If the meter is inside your home it will normally be fitted on the water pipe as it enters your home (usually near to the stop tap).

Image of a water meter outside

Pic: meter fitted outdoors

Image of a water meter fitted under the kitchen sink

Pic: meter fitted indoors - under the sink

How to read your water meter

It couldn’t be easier to read your water meter – and just like your gas or electricity meter, the row of numbers turn as you use more water.

The black and white numbers show how many cubic metres of water you’ve used, and we’ll calculate your bill using this reading:

Image of a meter reading panel

A cubic metre equals a thousand litres of water, which is enough for:

  • 13 baths;
  • or 14 washing machine loads;
  • or 28 showers;
  • or 33 dishwasher loads;
  • or 111 toilet flushes.

The red numbers show fractions of one cubic metre, and if you’re ever checking for leaks on your water pipes, it’s a good idea to read the red digits at frequent intervals to see if they’re going up when you’re not using any water – which could indicate a leak.

We’ll read your meter every six months to make sure you’re being billed the right amount – and if you have one of our new remote meters, we won’t even need to disturb you in your home to read the meter!

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