Gill scrambling

We recently commissioned research into the environmental impact of gill scrambling on drinking water catchment. Using the study findings, we have opened previously heavily used gills, which are available to groups under a permit for recreation. This will protect sensitive habitats and archaeology bordering some of these gills.

Gill scrambling is currently permitted at:

  • Fisher Gill in the North area

Please note: Lead Mines Clough and White Coppice are now under protection therefore gill scramblng/gorge walking is no longer permitted on these sites.

Please contact us to apply for a permit for gill scrambling. Details below:

Northern catchment team

Tel No: 01768 772 334 (During office Hours)

Thirlmere, Nr Keswick, Cumbria, CA124TQ

People may still access gills on Countryside Rights of Way (CROW) land although we would ask them not to in order to protect public drinking water quality and for their own safety.

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