I already have a water meter

Submitting your readings

It’s easy to submit your water meter reading with our simple online form.

Save water and save money

We've got some top tips & freebies to help you cut down your water bill. Try our water usage calculator to see if you could save more!

Moving your water meter

If you need to move your water meter as a result any home improvements, you need to inform us before to doing the work and we need to inspect it afterwards and re-fit the security seal. Our factsheet explains what you need to do and includes an application form to complete and return to us.

Testing your water meter

If you think that your water meter is not working properly because you have recently received a water bill that is higher or lower than you expected, you can ask us to test it.

Before you do, please check that the reason for the bill increase isn’t because you’re using more water, you’ve got a dripping tap or toilet overflow or a leak . For more help on this, please see our fact sheet which explains how to check your water usage and spot those sneaky leaks.

It’s important that you rule out any other factors because if we do a meter test and it’s found not to be faulty, we will charge you.

If you’ve tried everything else and would like your water meter to be tested, please complete our application form.

Have you recently been upgraded to an Automatic Meter Reading meter? You can find out more information here.

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