How this work may affect you

We understand our work is likely to cause some disruption to the community, businesses and road users, but we're working closely with Blackpool Council to minimise the disruption as much as possible.

Phase 1 Project number: ADV.U.80041279

We've now completed our work as part of phase 1.

Phase 2 Project number: ADV.U.80041278

Our phase two work started in May 2016.  We'll write to customers in advance who may be affected by our work.

Interruptions to water supplies:  There may be a temporary interruption to your water supply when completing this work.  We will provide you with plenty of notice, if this is the case.   

We won't need access to your property, so if someone calls at your home or business claiming to be from United Utilities, always check their ID before you let them in.  All our employees carry a photo ID card and won't mind you calling 0345 672 3723 to check they are a genuine caller. 

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