How we deal with wastewater

Getting rid of your wastewater

Taking it, treating it – returning it to nature

When you flush it, pour it, pull the plug and drain it away, your wastewater goes on a journey back to nature – which starts the moment it leaves your property and enters our sewage system. The fact is that we collect wastewater from around three million households and 200,000 business premises in the North West, plus we gather up the rainwater that falls on roads and roofs, footpaths and pavements.

We collect a total of around 1,271 million litres of wastewater every day in the North West, transporting it to along 72,000 kilometres of pipes and sewers to over 580 wastewater treatment works, all dedicated to cleaning up in-coming wastewater so that the treated water can then return to rivers and the sea.

This diagram explains how we clean up wastewater in our treatment works:

image - diagram explaining how we clean up wastewater in our treatment works

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