Jacksons Edge reservoir

Jacksons Edge service reservoir was built over 100 years ago and supplies water to over 40,000 customers in the Disley area, but it's reaching the end of its useful life. To improve water quality and safeguard supplies to the area we need to carry out work on the reservoir.

What are we doing?

  • Building a new service reservoir with two tanks and installing a new overflow pipe. The tanks will hold 18 million litres of water - that's the equivalent of eight Olympic swimming pools!
  • We are building parts of the new reservoir off site, this means we're not reliant on weather conditions and can work much quicker
  • Work is being completed in five stages to ensure that you can continue to use your taps and toilets as normal. Take a look at our map to see our working area location and the route of the new pipe
  • We started our main construction work in summer 2014 and we are now coming to the end of this project
  • Nobody likes sitting in traffic jams and we certainly don't like being the cause. During the project, we have needed to put some temporary traffic management in place and, at times, close the road between the reservoir and the temporary material storage field
Being good neighbours

Unfortunately work of this kind will generate some noise and vibrations, but we'll continue to monitor this carefully and can assure you that noise levels are kept within the British Standard requirements. We’ve kept a sweeper on site to keep the working area clean and, as vehicles leave, they have to go through a wheel wash to keep the roads looking tidy and as dirt-free as possible.

We've taken some bluebells from the working site and relocated them to the nearby Bollinhurst reservoir, so they are not destroyed during our work.

We have removed some trees from the working area, but in Spring 2017 we will be fully landscaping the area when our work is complete.

We've continued to be part of the Community Liaison Group made up of representatives from the project team and local residents These meetings have provided feedback from the local community and allowed us to provide updates on the project.

Community Fund

As part of our project we've have had a community fund offering grants to voluntary groups, and local charities that carry out positive work in the community. The grants awarded are intended to be used to make the area a better place to live, work and play.

We're pleased to announce that the following groups have been successful in their applications and we've donated £6,872.00.



Disley Community Choir

St Mary's Tots Group

Disley under fives

2nd Disley Brownie Unit

High Lane Residents Association

St Thomas' Church

High Lane War Memorial Village Hall

1st Disley Scout Group

Disley Cricket Club


Disley and Lyme Horticultural Society

High Lane Allotment Association 

Disley Amalgamated Sports Club (High Lane Junior Football Club)

The Basement Youth Group 

The Disley School Association 

The Friends of Disley Station 

What happens next?

Our latest updates page provides further information about the project as we move towards the end of the project.

Still have a question?

If you still have a question about this project, please call us on 0345 6723 723, and quote project number CT 80007626. We'll be happy to help. You can also provide feedback via our online form.

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