New water pipes for Liverpool - Knowsley Park, Prescot

We're always working to improve the supply and quality of your water, so you continue to receive clean, fresh water for your morning shower and to enjoy a great cuppa.

It's something we all rely on, and most of us don't really give it a second thought, but it's important that we carry out regular work to ensure the pipes continue to provide great water on tap.

So what are we doing?

We're going to be working hard over the next two years replacing four important large water pipes that run through Prescot. The pipes are from the Victorian era and run side by side, transporting thousands of litres of water every second to thousands of homes across Merseyside.

To make sure your water supply is not affected during our work, we'll be replacing one pipe at a time.

We started our work in January 2015 and expect it will take us 2 years to complete.

To keep disruption to a minimum we'll be using a technique called 'slip lining'. See how a typical Slip lining working area looks. This involves inserting a new plastic pipe into the existing cast iron main to create a secure new lining. We dig two holes to access the existing pipe, insert the new pipe at one end and pull it through the old pipe from the other. This allows us to lay hundreds of metres of pipe, but we'll only need a small number of work areas, causing less disruption to the local community.

Take a look at our map showing where the four water pipes are located, along with the working areas we'll be setting up.

Latest update

On Monday 30 November work started on an essential element of the project to separate two of the pipes. This will ensure we can take each pipe independently out of service for maintenance, without the potential disruption to 140,000 customers.

We expect this work will take three weeks to complete. During this time you may notice a very slight reduction in your water pressure, although our team will be closely monitoring the water network, and making the necessary adjustments to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum.  If for any reason during our work you're concerned about the water pressure in your home, please contact us on the number below.

Thank you for your patience, we'll continue to update you as we progress. 

If you need any further information please call 0345 672 3723 and quote project number ADV 80031607. We'll be happy to help.

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