Our leak detection & repair service

Water leaks are a common and often unnoticed problem that can cause a host of issues for your business. In the simplest terms, every day that a leak is present you are literally pouring money down the drain, as you will be billed for the water that is leaking away. 

What’s more, the problem can be more substantial than it may seem on the surface, as Mark Taylor, United Utilities Business engineer and leak detection specialist explains:

“What starts as a minor leak can quickly grow into something more problematic. Aside from an increase in the water you’re using, a common sign that you have a problem can be a drop in pressure, or where a large leak appears a complete loss of supply is not unheard of.

“On many sites we visit it’s apparent from the state of the pipework that the leak has been present for a long time. More often than not, they’re not visible on the surface as water will find a natural channel to disperse underground, meaning they can continue for weeks, months or even years before they are noticed.”

Protect your network with a leak detection survey

If you’ve noticed your bills have increased but you don’t think you are using more water, the chances are there is a leak somewhere on your network. Aside from higher bills, this can lead to problems such as structural damage and flooding, increasing costs further and threatening the continuity of your business.

Our experienced leakage specialists will undertake a leak detection survey. Using acoustic detection techniques, we can listen to your network and in most cases locate any leaks without the need to excavate.  
Once a leak is located we will make recommendations to repair your network and can also complete any work that is required.

Mark adds: “We will always try to repair rather than replace the existing infrastructure to minimise cost and disruption. We’ve also got a number of tools and techniques at our disposal, so in the majority of cases we can complete the job without disrupting supply, meaning you can continue with business as usual.”

See how we’ve helped customers save money

We recently helped Magnesium Elektron save an estimated £35,000 per year after detecting and repairing leaks at their site in Manchester. Read the case study here.

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