Mary-Ellen’s top tips for healthier cooking

In addition to Mary-Ellen’s recipe, she’s also given us her top tips on cooking with less fat and eating more healthily.

Tip 1- There’s no need to add fat when cooking all but the leanest of meats- for example, pork chops, leg, shoulder and belly and most cuts of lamb already have enough fat on them and certainly don’t need any more adding

Tip 2 - Fatty meats, such as the above mentioned, plus bacon, whole roast chickens etc. will release a lot of fat when they are cooked. This can be drained off into a pot and reused when making casseroles, soups and gravies so that nothing is getting wasted, and nothing is going down the drain where it can potentially cause problems.

Tip 3 - Using low cholesterol oils are better for our bodies, but also less likely to clog drains if they do happen to find their way into the basin than animal fats. Try brushing lean meats and fish very lightly with olive oil, then chargrilling instead of frying. The flavour is good, and a minimal amount of fat is required