Metered business customers

If you have a water meter, your bills are based on how much water you’ve used and how much wastewater we’ve taken away to clean. It also includes a standing charge. 

Here’s how your charges are worked out:

Water supply charges

This charge is for water we supply to the premises. There are two parts to the water charge:

  • A charge per cubic metre (m3) of water used.
  • A standing charge based on the size of your meter. This covers the costs of providing services such as reading, maintaining or replacing your meter, sending bills and dealing with enquiries.

Wastewater charges

These charges are for collecting and cleaning up your wastewater. There are three parts to these charges:

  • Taking away your wastewater, based on the amount of water you've used in cubic metres (foul drainage).
  • Taking away the rainwater that falls on your premises, based on the size of your premises, that drains to our sewer (surface water drainage).
  • Taking away the rainwater that falls on the public highway, based on the size of your premises, that drains to our sewer (highway drainage).

For more detail, please see Business and non-household metered charges 2017/2018

Full charges scheme

You can find all charges information for business customers in our full charges scheme.

Be more water efficient

It makes good sense to use water wisely in your premises, as saving water will help you save on your water bill. See our offers, hints and tips to avoid waste.

Having difficulty paying your bill?

If you’re having problems paying your bill, don’t ignore it. Get in touch as soon as possible and we'll talk you through your payment options.

Contact us

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If you have hearing or speech difficulties and use a textphone, please dial 18001 before the number.

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