New water supply pipes

This section covers 25mm size connections off our existing water network to both new build houses and existing properties that have been refurbished or converted.

This includes:

  • Detached / semi detached properties
  • Terrace / mews properties
  • Bungalows

If your application consists of 2 or more new build properties, you are advised to consider requisitioning a new water main as this may provide a more economical and better engineering option. See our title="Link to builders and developers web page">Builders and Developers section for further details.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a water connection by completing the AWS1 Application for a Water Supply.

Meter location policy

Since 1990, every newly built property has had a water meter installed. From April 2010, the majority of new water meter installations will be capable of being remotely read. This means access to the property is not needed to obtain a meter reading, meaning that we can install meters in locations that are more accessible to customers and avoid issues associated with meter installations in the footpath or boundary. The available options are listed below. 

image - internal squareInternal at point of entry of the water service pipe
image - in wall boxIn an in wall box built into the external wall
wallmounted square - imageIn a wall mounted box positioned flush against the external wall




How much will it cost?

Our service connection charge includes the work we will carry out to excavate, lay up to 2 metres of service pipe and connect the new water supply to our main. Where applicable, it also includes the installation of an AMR (Automated Meter Reading) enabled water meter. The actual charge depends on the type of surface we have to excavate. An additional charge per metre of excavation applies for services over 2 metres in length.

Please see our Connection charges leaflet for further details.

Infrastructure charges

The principle of infrastructure charges recognises that every new connection imposes an additional demand on the capacity of our water sewerage systems, and eventually they will need to be enlarged. The fixed charges represent a contribution towards the capital expenditure in meeting that new demand and are set by Ofwat.

Please see our Connection charges leaflet for further details.

Contaminated Land

All Water Companies have a responsibility to ensure water delivered for domestic purposes is of wholesome quality without taste or odour. Where new water pipes are to be installed in land that is or may be affected by contamination, a risk assessment for water pipes should be carried out by the applicant for consideration by us.  

Water re-use systems

We support the use of water re-use systems and encourage all our customers to be waterwise. Water re-use systems particularly rainwater harvesting units are becoming more and more common in both new and existing premises. These water re-use systems must be correctly installed and maintained otherwise serious health issues may arise at the properties involved.  Legally, water re-use systems must be designed and installed to ensure there is no risk to the end user and in particular must not be directly connected in anyway to the mains drinking water supply.

Domestic Fire Sprinkler systems

Domestic fire sprinklers can be fitted to new and existing properties.

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