Application form

To gain approval

If you are organising an event, you need to fill in an application form and send it to the local catchment team. You can either download a form from this website or contact the local catchment team to request one, details below. Once completed, you should return it together with any other requested information e.g. route maps and risk assessment. Before permission is granted the team check the proposals to ensure that they do not increase risk of pollution on catchment or adversely impact on statutory and non-statutory wildlife and sites. If an event needs an external body's permission e.g. Natural England then this is the responsibility of the event organiser.

On granting approval for the event, the organiser will be issued with a permit for recreational activity on United Utilities land. There is a £30 standard administration charge and £1 per competitor for 1-100 competitors, over 100 is negotiable with the local team. Extra charges for additional services may be charged eg ranger required to open gates etc. If the event is for educational or charitable purposes then all charges will be waived provided that this will benefit the charity and not the commercial organisers.

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