Saving water and money at home: quick tips

Let's get water tightDid you know that about 16% of your energy bills comes from heating water – that’s about £228 per year* for a typical family.

A few simple tweaks to your daily routine, and you could soon send your gas and electricity bills tumbling.

And if you have a water meter, getting handy with your H2O use can slash your water bill too.

To get you started, here are six bill busting tips:

Save in the shower

We spend an average of seven minutes in the shower. If everyone in a four-person household with a power shower spent one minute less under the faucet each day, they’d save £60 on their yearly energy bills.

Fancy a brew?

Overfilling the kettle sees £68 million go up in smoke (or should that be steam?) each year in energy bills. Boil only what you need, and you could be quids in.

Dial it down

Dialing down your washing machine to 30 degrees, and only ever washing a full load, can save the average household £13 per year. Your clothes will still smell great!

Suds law

Using a bowl when you wash up, instead of letting the hot tap run, could save £35 per year on your energy bill.

Pipe down!

Hosepipes use thousands of litres of water an hour. Use a watering can for your plants, and a bucket and sponge for your car, and you’ll be doing the environment a good turn.


Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth saves six litres of water per minute.

More information can be found in our using water wisely leaflet.

*All money saving stats are from The Energy Saving Trust Email this page