Service pipe installation developer services electronic register (SPIDER)

Cessation of SPIDER training and alternative arrangements

As part of our ongoing commitment to build on the benefits driven out of our continuous improvement programme, the SPIDER training programme has been closed to make way for the Service Pipe and Meter Housing Installation training Certified by BPEC. The BPEC certification is recognised by Water UK as complimentary to the water regulations course used to gain WIAPS registration.

To gain this certification you will need to find an approved centre via and click find your nearest centre.

Required as an accompaniment to WIAPS for self-certification of water services in the UUW region

If you currently install, or employ installers to lay water supply pipes for domestic housing, you must make arrangements to ensure you/they are registered SPIDER or BPEC registered in order to self-certify installations or, must be able to provide alternative proof of competence and understanding of United Utilities specific conditions of service. WIAPS certification will still be required in order to provide assurances the installation has been laid in line with the water regulations. We will reserve the right to refuse connection of any self certified installation that has not been fitted in accordance with the water supply regulations or our conditions of service.

SPIDER Registered installers

The current SPIDER register remains open to allow those installers who have undertaken the training to continue operation under their current valid registration numbers until expiry. As we no longer operate the SPIDER training course, we will not be able to accept any new applicants onto the register.

Hre is a list of SPIDER registration numbers

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