Strinesdale is an area of water and woodland covering approximately 40 acres. In 1991, the reservoirs were drained and replaced by two smaller lakes with the old reservoirs being planted with trees and grassland. The original reservoirs were built in 1828 and the date stone can be seen at Upper Strinesdale.

  • Bridleway
  • Fishing
  • Environment trail

How to find us... 01706 881049

  • Picnic
  • Dog Walking
  • Disabled Access

Strinesdale is situated on the A62 between Oldham and Delph. Next to the Waterhead Academy turn onto Culvert Street, then turn right onto Holgate Street.

The free car park is at the end of the road.

Opening times: Open all day, every day

Strinesdale directions map

Did you know?

  • Strinesdale got its name from the Old English 'Strine' meaning boundary, as the old Lancashire/ Yorkshire boundary ran through the middle of the site.
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