Think before you flush and pour

Know what to flush

Your guide to help keep our pipes and sewers flowing.

When we go to the loo, all we want to do is flush and forget, but it’s not always quite that simple, You should only flush the three p’s – pee, poo and toilet paper. For everything else, bag it and bin it.

Our simple recipe for clear pipes

We all know that fatty foods is bad for our arteries, but it is also bad for our pipes and sewers. Here’s our recipe for banishing blockages….

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Mary-Ellen’s top tips for healthier cooking

Award-winning North-West chef Mary-Ellen McTague (Aumbry) gives us her top tips on cooking with less fat and eating more healthily.

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'Toilettiquette’ top tip

We're urging Christmas party goers not to flush in a rush, in a bid to avoid a “beauty-berg crisis” this winter.

Sales of make-up removal, tanning and cleansing wipes, cotton pads and cotton buds, are set to soar over the festive season, as revellers prepare to look their best for Christmas parties. What many people don’t realise is that when flushed, discarded cosmetic items such as make-up removal wipes, tanning wipes and cotton pads also clump together to form hard, almost impenetrable blockages. The result is one messy Christmas package that most people would rather not unwrap!

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Gallery of grot

What lies beneath

When the right things go down the loo (the 3 p’s – pee, poo and toilet paper) they’re flushed away and start a journey along underground sewer pipes to a treatment plant where the waste is taken out and the water is cleaned and returned to rivers and the sea.

However, when things are flushed that should be binned, they stick together and block the sewer, causing all the foul-smelling waste to flow back and flood into homes and gardens.

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