Trade effluent advice

Dispose of your trade effluent safely and cost-effectively

If you run a business, chances are that you use water in much the same way that you use it at home - for washing, drinking, flushing the toilet etc – though you may also use water in your manufacturing or production processes. Inevitably, you’ll be producing wastewater, i.e. the water you flush away, pour away or discharge after you’ve used it. Your wastewater is then piped to one of our wastewater treatment works to be treated and cleaned before being safely returned to the environment.

Under the Water Industry Act 1991, any wastewater produced on trade premises (and in pursuit of a trade or business) is defined as ‘trade effluent’. This does not include domestic sewage – which is defined as wastewater produced as a result domestic usage such as washing, food and drink or using the toilet.

Trade effluent includes water used in production, washing or cooling facilities, and covers both large and small premises, including businesses such as car-washes and launderettes, though hotels, caravan sites or restaurants are not.

In order to discharge trade effluent, from a trade premises in the North West, to the public sewer you will require permission from United Utilities.

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Please take a look at the following links for further advice. If you have other queries relating to Trade Effluent, please contact your local Trade Effluent controller.


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