Great value every day, let us tell you what you pay

Water plays such an important role in all our lives – it’s amazing how much we get through in just one day.

saving penniesAnd the average cost a day is just £1.11, now that is real value for money – not a lot to pay, but what else will it buy you that’s yours for a day?

Here are some examples:

  • You could have 2.2 litres of milk but you’d have to pay around £1.29
  • For about £1.10, you could buy 5 litres of own brand mineral water
  • 1 litre of orange juice could be yours for £1.00
  • Or 6 own brand free-range eggs – but they could cost you as much as £1.60

Saving water can save you money too, so here are some things you can do!

We’re using water all the time, on that we are agreed, but you can save a bit of money by just using what you need.

Why not try our water challenge?

It’s easy and a great way to cut down the amount of the water you use – and if you reduce the amount of hot water you’re using, you’ll make a saving on your energy bills too. (…And we bet the kids are better at it than the grown-ups!)

In the bathroom…

  • turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth or having a shave – running water uses 9 litres a minute!
  • take a shower – it uses around half the amount of water it takes to fill a bath
  • install a water saving device in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water flushed away. Order online now!

In the kitchen…

  • plug the sink or use a bowl when washing the dishes – you’ll make a huge saving on your water use and reduce your energy bills too
  • get into the habit of only using the washing machine with a full load
  • get any leaky taps fixed – it could save you as much as 1,544 litres of water a year – enough to fill 20 baths!

In the garden…

  • use a watering can – they waste far less water than a hosepipe or sprinkler.
  • only water your garden in the early morning or late evening when you’ll lose less through evaporation put all that rainwater to good use by fitting a water butt
  • no need to waste tap water when watering your plants – they’ll never know the difference!

It really is great value …

All over the North West, we’re serving the needs of millions of people every day – and not just by delivering clean, high quality drinking water, we’re also responsible for:

  • Taking away and treating all your dirty water
  • Looking after the thousands of kilometres of pipes, drains and sewers that you’ll probably never see
  • The quality of beaches in the region
  • Looking after massive reservoirs and the surrounding land and the wildlife they are home to

And plenty more besides…

image - tap with running waterTurn on the tap, and out it flows, but do you know where your money goes?

Most of us don’t give a second thought to where our water comes from or where it goes when it drains away.

But behind the scenes, we’re working 24 hours a day to help your life flow smoothly.

It’s a hidden world of water pipes the length of motorways; sewers as high as buildings; space-age science labs and treatment works; and more than 5,000 employees working from Crewe to Carlisle.

Water might fall from the sky for free, but it’s cleaning it and delivering it to your home – and taking away all your used water – that we have to charge you for.

But we hope, at an average cost to you of just £1.11 a day, you agree that this represents good value for money for your daily water needs.

Your bill is also helping to fund a £3.5 billion investment programme, bringing further improvements to our water and sewer networks, protecting the environment and improving our services.

You can take control of your water account where you can pay your bill, submit meter readings and more by signing up to ‘My Account

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